When you see images or articles on our website or on any of our pages and you think they were stolen or misused, please let us know and Please read the DMCA, Removal, Copyrights, and Fair Uses below if you believe you are the author of the material or if there are any Copyright issues.

DMCA, Removal, Copyrights, and Fair Uses

The first thing to note is that we never copy any paragraph or article from the website. We are the ones who write the articles/posts on the site.

However, if you still feel that some lines from your website or app were copied, you have nothing to complain about. The lines/texts might have been used for fair purposes. Posts and articles are not copied or stolen.

If you still believe an article was copied from our website, it will be removed from our website as soon as possible. Please fill out the Removal Request describing and placing the webpage link.

Images: We use special images for our articles and thumbnails. Whenever you see an image on a page or in an article, it’s the property of the owner, and if it’s used without authorization, it violates and infringes the DMCA and copyright act. Please submit a removal request describing and providing the link to the images, and we will remove the image from our website as soon as possible.