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Nulls Brawl – These days, everyone is playing games. The fever for games is so high that gamers of every age can be seen in every house. As the number of games rises, the demand for Private Servers is also increasing. Private servers provide more efficiency, speed, and experience than simple gameplay.

This is the best private server among all of the other servers on the market. Because this server is special for Brawl Stars gaming, you will get an unlimited amount of coins and time so you can explore all the features and options of this game. You can enjoy games while playing solo because when we play solo, we can practice our fighting or gaming strategies. In this way, users will learn new tactics. You can also play in a duo or 3v3 mode; it’s entirely up to you how you want to play.

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Nulls Brawl

An Introduction to Nulls Brawl

It is a kind of server that will give you speed. Speedy gameplay is required by every server. But some servers and nulls are so heavy that they will cause lag, and you will start to feel lazy. It is very light and can be stored easily on a computer. Because of its lightness, this server offers a smooth gaming experience. By having a smooth experience, you will start to enjoy your Brawl game and will recommend the same server to everyone.

Above all, it will let you enter into free mode. You can select any skin and a Brawler. Brawl Stars have different colors and powerful skins. But not everyone knows how to use these skins on this server. There is no need to worry; this article will teach you how to use every Brawler and their skins in Nulls Brawl.


Firstly, you shoot from the top-down, much like in Bomberman. You use different kinds of weapons in this Nulls Brawl to shoot your enemies. Every weapon has its special feature that other weapons will lack. Missions are given at every stage that you will fulfill. Another interesting factor about this server is that, by having good enemies on your opposite side, the game will become even more challenging.

Secondly, having good players as teammates is also a key factor in winning games. Good teammates will protect you from enemies and damage. You can have one or two more teammates. All you have to do is stay active and fire on your enemies. Thirdly, if your opposite side is more experienced and active, then there are plenty of chances that you will lose the game. At the end of the Brawl games, you get a lot of rewards, such as coins and skins. You can use these rewards to upgrade yourself.

Requirements Of Nulls Brawl

NameNull's Brawl
Size221 MB
UpdateMay 09, 2022
RequirementsMinimum 4.1 Android Version

Features Of Nulls Brawl

This Null Server provides unlimited features. Every feature has its use, and gamers can explore and learn more if they know how to get the maximum benefits from the features listed below. Every server is specific in its nature and can be used for only a limited number of games. By using this server, you will get the following things:

Nulls Brawl Apk

Solo Player

Amazingly, this server allows you to play single-player or multiplayer games. It’s not compulsory that you have to play a solo game. But it’s an option that this server provides. You will progress through various stages if you play solo or in a multiplayer game.

Every stage is more complex than the previous one, and you will start to learn how to play differently on every stage. In 1 vs 3, you fight against 3 players. Fighting against more players means more fun and more coins. If you know how to tackle all the hurdles, you can be a pro on this server.

Unlimited Gems in Null’s Brawl Apk.

Games have random rewards for their characters or Brawlers. All of these rewards can be used to upgrade yourself in Nulls or you can do some purchasing. This server gives you unlimited coins and gems, with which you can get premium features for the Brawl Stars game. It is so amazing to have these much gems in your game account.

But if our gameplay is not good or we are unable to win any match, we can’t win the gems as well in normal mods. To address this issue, we have created a special version of the server that will not allow you to spend any money and will provide you with everything for free. The goal of gems is to encourage the player to play more.

Unlock Premium Skins

In any type of brawl server, skins are the most appealing option. Colorful outfits in any game make you look smarter than your teammates or other enemies. Simple skins in games show that you are at a low level, as only good or highly ranked players can have good skins. It means that Null’s Brawl will give you an unlimited amount of choices from which you can choose any skin according to your mode. For example, if your brawler is a male, you can get different skins, or if your character is female, you will choose other skins accordingly.


Brawlers are the characters on the null server through which you play your game. Each brawler is different in power and characteristics. However, this doesn’t mean that you can win the game using any specific character, because every brawler is different. To win the game, your personal gaming skills must be up to par and intense.

Brawlers have a variety of rarities:

  • Trophy Road
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Chromatic

Chromatic is the brawler that everyone likes. It is high in power and speed. But if you are using the regular or simple version, then you have to purchase this brawler. There is no need to worry, we have given you the premium paid version for free. Just download it from the link that I have provided and start to enjoy it.

Max Level

Every gamer understands that when they first begin playing this game. Every character and league starts at the basic level. Your game weapons will be less efficient and will not cause large damage. After that, to get all the brawls, game guns, and league difficulty, we brought you a special version in which everything is at its maximum level and you can easily upgrade your brawler and skins even at the start of the game.

100% Server Uptime

This server does not experience any lag. That is why it is positioned at the top level among all of the private servers. The uptime that this server offers is amazing. By having this kind of experience, you never feel bored or tired because the enjoyment never ends.

Regular Updates

This Brawl Stars Private Server will update itself whenever the Brawl Stars team launches any update. Because this is the premium version, you don’t have to update the game or server regularly. Everything will get done by itself. Regular updates ensure that you are up to date on all Nulls Brawl Update news. Through regular updates of Nulls, you will have every option and feature of the game in an upgraded form.

Gear Scraps

This is the kind of feature that was recently added to the Brawl game. After updating the pro level of gears, you can have access to scraps. But here, one formality is that gamers can only access scraps from the boxes whenever they reach level 12 (minimum). Scraps are also just like coins, but they do not possess as much power as coins. You can either purchase scraps or you can win games and open the surprise boxes to unlock scraps.

Game Time

The average game duration on this server is three minutes per stage. It has different stages and each stage lasts approximately three minutes. That’s why this game is not boring to play, because games like PUBG take more than thirty minutes to finish. Similarly, sometimes the players start to feel bored because of this long gameplay time. The Nulls Brawl keeps the stage short and interesting by removing uninteresting elements.

Requirements To Download Nulls Brawl

Following are the general requirements of this server:

Strong Internet

The very first requirement to download Brawl Nulls is that you must have a strong internet connection. As this game and the server are the latest versions of nulls, they have each and every feature in their unlocked form, which may take a little more internet bandwidth to download.


On average, the file size is over 100 MB. So before downloading Nulls Brawl Update, you should check your device’s storage. This amount of storage is not too much, but it is still good to do an inspection of the file size. We have provided each and every piece of information. Just read our article and you will be ready to go.

Unknown Source File Permission

This is also a very important requirement to get the Nulls Brawl Stars Private Server. If your device does not allow third-party apps or files to be installed, then you will not be able to play or install this server and game.

Just go to your settings and allow the downloads from unknown sources. After allowing your device, you can easily access the null server.

Additional Files

Some additional files may be automatically downloaded while downloading the Apk or server files. Just be aware of these files; although you will get these kinds of files on our website, precautions are still better.

Restart Your Device

After installing Nulls Brawl, restart your PC again. Because this is an Apk file, it’s better to refresh your device with a restart.


You will need an emulator to run this server. You can download any emulator, but it is better to go for BlueStacks because this emulator is light in weight and has the best speed.

Nulls Brawl For Everyone

On our website, you can find every version and update of this game. Android users can also enjoy this game as an Apk version Of Nulls Brawl. Our files are light in weight and MBs, meaning that they are free from viruses.

In the Android version, players match with other online players worldwide. If you are not playing manually with other players, the opposite will be true and you will play against bots. Additionally, these bots have very good gameplay and it is not so easy to beat them. There are special characters in this game called “Brawlers.”

We can access these characters in the following ways:

  • Brawl Pass
  • Trophy Road
  • Purchased through the shop

There are several game modes, and every game mode has a different objective and rewards. It is up to the player to choose which mode he or she wishes to play. If they are playing normal or regular mode, the number of rewards will be very small. If they play a 3v3 game or any other intense mode, there are good chances of achieving a suitable number of coins. Players can also invite other teammates in the Android version of Nulls Brawl. You can invite any player of any level. There is no limit to invitations of a certain level, but you can only add 3 players because this null game has only 3 brawlers to fight.

Brawl Pass

Nulls Brawl Download

Brawl passes are actually the rewards in the game. Firstly, there were no passes like these, but after the update of 2020, passes were introduced into the game. Players get into matches and compete with enemies. The winning team gets coins that they can use with Brawl Pass. From this pass, players can earn a lot of things, like:

  • Boxes
  • Gems
  • Skins
  • Pins
  • Coins
  • PowerPoints
  • Brawlers

You can use the pass that you will get by default at the start of the game, or you can also purchase the passes to unlock new things. In general, there are two types of quests: in passes and out of passes.

The free quests are easy to achieve, and we can reset them in 24 hours. On the other hand, paid quests are harder to achieve, and they usually do not reset on a daily basis. Gale, the new chromatic brawler, is the biggest draw of the Brawl Pass. At tier number 30, we can unlock this brawler and shoot snowballs with speed, which makes him more efficient and powerful in Nulls Brawl.

We can also select Gale’s skin, known as Marchent. We can unlock this skin only at tier 60. This tier has a huge level of difficulty to pass. Tara’s Bazaar Brawl Pass not only offers the skin but also many reward boxes. It usually gives 14 boxes and a mega-box as a gift.


There are generally two leagues in this game. These two are different in their rewards and complexity. In this article, I have discussed the two leagues in detail.


The Power League is a criterion through which players get their rewards at the end of every season. Before the new season starts, players get boxes, skins, and weapons based on their gameplay and victories. Players who play well and score more will get more powerful rewards. Players with normal scores will receive normal rewards.


At the start, our new weekly competition, Club League, is for clubs. Your club competes on three consecutive days every week against seven other clubs. There are tickets in Nulls Brawl that you can use to play against other teams. The number of tickets is usually four every three days.

This league began in the 9th season and it happens weekly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Playing a match requires a ticket. Players participating in selected matches compete with their clubs to earn the most club trophies. The more club trophies a player earns for the club, the more rewarding it is. Trophies earned by each club determine the ranking of clubs at the end of each day.

Every Monday, after the league has ended, the clubs are ranked based on the number of points earned by their members. This enables them to determine whether or not they will be promoted or demoted, as well as the amount of compensation they will receive. Nonetheless, Club Ranks, like Power League, start at Bronze and work their way up. Club Coins are given to each member at the end of the game based on the club’s and the member’s performance, and can then be used in the Club Shop.

Nulls Brawl Leagues Updates

  • Some texts have been fixed.
  • A crash issue on lower iOS versions has been fixed.
  • Players’ profiles now display the Club League icon.
  • Animation for the Gear tutorial.
  • Effects from Nita Sound.

Number Of Seasons

It has a total of 10 seasons. Each season has come up with new features and more upgraded forms. Season 11 will be released soon. Right after the release, Nulls Brawl Alpha options will be provided on our website.

Seasonal names and numbers:

  1. Tara’s Bazaar
  2. Summer of Monsters
  3. Welcome to Starr Park
  4. Holiday Getaway
  5. The Starr Force
  6. The Goldarm Gang
  7. Jurassic Splash
  8. Once Upon A Brawl
  9. Year of the Tiger

Downloading Steps For Android

Here we will show you how to install Null’s Brawl on your device. There are two different ways that can be done, depending upon if the user has root or not installed onto their phone yet. The first way is for those without any questions about gaining administrative privileges; follow these steps below:

  1. Download and extract all files from the Download link
  2. (No need for ROOT) Place extracted folder inside C:\Users\YOURNAME

Downloading Steps For iOS

  1. Nulls Brawl is now available for iOS users as well. Follow the following downloading steps:
  2. Click on the Download Link
  3. Let other apps be installed on your iPhone.
  4. Navigate over to where you downloaded it
  5. Install it by dragging each file into its respective
  6. Start to enjoy

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Nulls Brawl is an amazing null server with countless features and updates. The game is great for playing with friends and family. You can enjoy the experience of having your own 3-player team, which will make it more fun. You will have bots as your enemies as well in this game.

At the very last, there is no need to purchase any coins or boxes; we have a solution for every problem. Just download the APK file and start enjoying it, and it is very easy to get the Nulls Brawl Download link in this blog post.



  1. How to get nulls brawl?
    There is only one way to get this game; download the download button on our website. Both of the versions (paid and Apk) are available.
  2. How to update nulls brawl?
    To update this game is very easy. If you have a paid version then you have to pay again on every update to upgrade yourself. But, the version that we are providing you is free of cost and you can update it without any effort. Just stay tuned and visit our website regularly, we post every update on a weekly base.
  3. How to install?
    To install this game, you must allow your device to install unknown resources. If you do not allow your device (Android or iOS), you can’t install this game.
  4. How to get trophy brawlers?
    Trophies are rewards you get after winning any game. To get a trophy, you must win the game and complete all missions. You can also purchase trophies with coins.
  5. What is nulls brawl?
    This is a multiplayer fighting game in which you complete missions and upgrade yourself. You can play solo or with your teammates. You can make new friends from all over the world.

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